Timothy Sykes Trade Alerts Review

Timothy Sykes Trade Alerts Breakdown

  • Cost $50 per month
  • Alerts via SMS, email, and website.
  • The website details his rationale behind his trades, the price he got in, his targets and timelines.

First let me say that Tim Sykes alerts are the only alerts that will make you money if you do what Tim says. While he does risky penny stock trading, he is extremely conservative, so you often will be told to get out of stocks leaving potential earnings on the table. However, on occasion, this means you also will lose much less on the occasional loser he picks.

So if you are one of those people that just want to be told exactly when and what to buy and sell. Timothy Sykes is perfect for you. However, if you are used to pulling your own trading strings his flaky trading style will drive you nuts even as you are making money.

While his alert program will make you money, I still have a few nitpicks.

  • His sells or short sale covers often take you by surprise coming well before his targets. In his initial trade alert he may say this is a 2 or 3 day trade, but if the stock does not go straight down (or up), don’t be surprised if he sells very quickly taking a small profit.


  • The Timothy Sykes Effect In short, the Tim Sykes Effect is a self fulfilling prophecy on low float stocks. For example, Tim gets in at $2.30 and sends out a buy alert. Tim’s followers jump in and move the price up so by the time you get the alert and take a minute for due diligence, the stock is now at $2.40. Then what happens many times is later that day or maybe the next morning the stock is not moving straight up and he issues a sell alert at $2.50 well before his target taking you buy surprise. Now you rush in to sell your shares and with all of Tim’s subscribers selling you get out at $2.45 for a small profit. The problem with this is Tim just made .20 cents a share (and he make sure he brags of this on his website), while you made .05 cents a share on the same trade.


  • Which leads me to #3: If you complain that his timing was off or he sold too early, he’ll tell you that you wouldn’t need him and you would know when to buy and sell if you studied his DVDs and trading techniques and then sends you a link to his product page. The only problem is all the DVDs are insanely expensive($400 to $600). At these prices I have no idea if his DVD’s are worth the price.


  • And then #4. I would buy one of his DVD’s if I could find an unbiased positive independent review. All the reviews I could find are affiliates of his that get a percentage of every sale so they are sure to give his DVD’s a positive review. I really want to do a real review of a few of his DVDs but the price is so high it is hard for me to take the chance on his product. At first I thought I would use profits made from trading his picks, but I tend to only make $100 to $200 with the occasional loss, so a few DVDs would eat up all my earnings.


  • Constant up selling. If someone complains they lost money on a trade, they get blamed for not buying his DVDs and knowing the trade was on shaky ground. I can’t blame him; selling a $500 DVD is risk free money and has no short term capital gains tax. But reasonable prices in the $200 range per DVD would be great.

I guess I am doing a lot of complaining, but in truth, Tim Sykes is one of the few strait shooters out there and his Tim Alerts program at $50 per month is sure to make you money and a better trader. You won’t get rich but if you are investing $1k -$3 k in each pick you should make $300 – $400 a month. If you invest 10 times that amount you can make $3000+ per month. Of course there is risk, but with his trading tips the cards are stacked in your favor.

So I give a solid BUY for the Tim Alerts. At this point I’ll issue a wait and see on his DVDs..

***If you own Tim’s DVDs and would like to do a guest review here please let me know and if you can do an honest review, I’ll put it up.***

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