Mutual Fund Data

Mutual Fund Data


Reading mutual fund data is fairly easy. This piece of information is also readily available on the internet. Traditionally, mutual fund data was found in the newspaper in the form of a mutual fund table. Of course, now this information and so much more can be found on the Internet. We will briefly go through some of the methods you can use to get the information that you want.


Mutual Fund Brochures

Mutual funds often release brochures, both in print and online to potential investors to promote their stocks. On this pieces of paper, you can find annualized return by the funds and some of the more important key data points that stand itself out from the competition.



Websites are great sources of information. Morningstar, Yahoo and Google Finance are just some of the websites that provide extensive coverage of mutual fund data. This information is updated regularly by in house finance writers and by pulling data from other financial websites. Another way of getting information is by going into the mutual fund website themselves. It often contains reports that detail key data points that investors find very useful.



Newspaper often provides information on mutual funds in the form of a table. This table gives an overview of a mutual fund’s performance for the past year in relation to its current price. However, this method of finding information is becoming increasingly obsolete.

As with everything you do, you need to know what kind of data that you are looking for, expense ratio, price etc., so that you can go to the best place to look for the most accurate information!

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