Passive Vs Acting Investing

ETF: Passive Investing vs Active Investing

We know that ETFs are in fact mutual funds that can be traded like stocks. This ultimately brings us to one question – which style of trading should you choose? Should you buy ETFs and adopt a passive approach or should you manage your ETF portfolio actively? Or perhaps, you might also be thinking of something in between. This chapter will go into the pros and cons of passive and active investing, just to provide new investors with a flavor of what to expect in both scenarios.


Why Active Investing

A majority of …

Mutual Fund Data

Mutual Fund Data


Reading mutual fund data is fairly easy. This piece of information is also readily available on the internet. Traditionally, mutual fund data was found in the newspaper in the form of a mutual fund table. Of course, now this information and so much more can be found on the Internet. We will briefly go through some of the methods you can use to get the information that you want.


Mutual Fund Brochures

Mutual funds often release brochures, both in print and online to potential investors to promote their stocks. On this pieces of paper, you …

Mistakes With Mutual Funds

Mistakes With Mutual Funds

We hope that you have certainly benefited from this mutual fund mini-course and now have a knowledge of investing in mutual funds. Always remember that while investing is a great way to grow your wealth, there are also many pitfalls that trap the investor. New, relatively inexperienced investors need to learn how to navigate around these traps while climbing the learning curve. With that said, we have compiled a list of mistakes mutual fund investors make to help and give you a guiding hand!

1. Chasing Money

Most mutual funds are actively managed, and there …