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Timothy Sykes Investigation ? Not! Hilarious Stuff

Tim Sykes Looks for his Next Pump & Dump to Take Down

Pathetic SPNG Dust Settles

pump and dump

I had a good laugh reading this Yahoo message board thread with a bunch of idiots out there that think their Penny Stock world and pump and dumps are real and Timothy Sykes is the devil. As you can imagine, Tim Sykes is hated in the pump and dump world for calling out blatant pump and dumps and selling them short and making a bundle.

Here is the thread so far, the usernames are left off to protect the identities of the stupid:


NXTH | Pump and Dump of the Year

NXTH Pump and Dump

NXTH | Pump and Dump of the Year


NXT Pump And Dump


I have been watching NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH) for quite a while. It has been perfectly pumped up 5 cents or so every single day for a month. I knew it would eventually crash so I was always looking for shares and found some a few weeks ago at around 2.50 to short. Well the NXTH continued to rise and at $2.69 so I covered the short and took a small loss and watched it go up.

Today I decided that if I can’t beat …

Timothy Sykes Trade Alerts Review

Timothy Sykes Trade Alerts Breakdown

  • Cost $50 per month
  • Alerts via SMS, email, and website.
  • The website details his rationale behind his trades, the price he got in, his targets and timelines.

First let me say that Tim Sykes alerts are the only alerts that will make you money if you do what Tim says. While he does risky penny stock trading, he is extremely conservative, so you often will be told to get out of stocks leaving potential earnings on the table. However, on occasion, this means you also will lose much less on the occasional loser he …